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inspired by previous fic feedback memes.

1. Writers, leave a comment with your username/your writing journal/comm (and it would be helpful to write your username in the subject line as well). ETA: Please log in! There's been concern that some people might have had their names posted by other people, so from now on (July 6 3PM EST), usernames/fic communities left by an anonymous poster will be deleted. Thank you! (Tip! You can easily log in with your livejournal account with open id ( if you don't have a dreamwidth one. )
Username tags on DW: <user name="usernamegoeshere">
Username tags on LJ: <user name="usernamegoeshere" site="">

2. Everyone, reply to the individual writers' threads with comments on their writing, positive or with suggestions or everything in between. No drama, no excess bashing, especially not on personalities, etc. Writers, please be prepared to take concrit!

3. Pimp out this post with the code below! Link your thread!

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your writing is good

just a minor, tiny problem:
“But I am going to put a tracker here,” Hyunjoong adds, “Just in case someone else accidentally happens upon it.”
the 'just' shouldn't be capitalised if it's part of a sentence that hasn't been finished (signified by your commas)