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inspired by previous fic feedback memes.

1. Writers, leave a comment with your username/your writing journal/comm (and it would be helpful to write your username in the subject line as well). ETA: Please log in! There's been concern that some people might have had their names posted by other people, so from now on (July 6 3PM EST), usernames/fic communities left by an anonymous poster will be deleted. Thank you! (Tip! You can easily log in with your livejournal account with open id ( if you don't have a dreamwidth one. )
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2. Everyone, reply to the individual writers' threads with comments on their writing, positive or with suggestions or everything in between. No drama, no excess bashing, especially not on personalities, etc. Writers, please be prepared to take concrit!

3. Pimp out this post with the code below! Link your thread!
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bring it!
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your way with words is amazing - when you write, things come alive, and i try so hard to emulate what you do but then it never turns out the same way. every part of a story is something tangible with you, something you can feel and smell and touch, and i wish i knew how to write details like you do to make my own work feel like this.

and, obviously, your dialogue makes me green with envy. ♥
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i wonder who this is???

lol but seriously. thank you so much it really means a lot to me to hear you say that since most of my shit is seen by you first :')

i do my best work with dialogue, so i'm glad to hear it continues to work for you ♥
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i have no idea what you could mean i obviously did not write that

oh shit i'm signed in now YEAH WELL WHATEVER YOU KNEW IT WAS ME LOL

i love your writing and you know it ♥ so write more

(and send it to me first SPOILED YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH)
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I love how you can paint a scene with atmosphere and specifics rather than necessarily showing it all in chronological order, which is a skill I can really stand to pick up myself. You also have a natural sense for weaving in those subtleties of characterization and setting which make the story all about those specific people in their specific moment, even if it's just a short PWP. No pressure, of course, but I would love to see some Dynasty Warriors man porn out of you. ♥
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Thanks for all of this!! I try really hard to set scenes in an immediate kind of way without necessarily doing it all at once, when I do it that way it always comes out really wooden, so I'm glad that and my characterization (which is something I admittedly do more subtly than would maybe be called for sometimes) work for you!

I would love to work on some manporn at some point! As soon as the crazy summer of fandom involvement is over I may well do some :')